International Conference


  1. Crop production and environment,
  2. Agriculture and rural development,
  3. Integrated pest and disease management,
  4. Food sources and diversification,
  5. Food safety and security,
  6. Biodiversity and climate change,
  7. Agribusiness and socio-economic development
  8. Agricultural waste processing and management


  1. Prof. Christian Joseph R. Cumagun, Plant Protection, Idaho University, USA.
  2. Prof. Irwandi Jaswir, Food science, Islamic University Malaysia.
  3. Dr. Chifumi Takagi, agricultural economics,  National Chung Hsing University
  4. Prof. Keitaro Tawaraya, plant nutrition and soil science, Yamagata University, Japan
  5. CSIRO, Australia
  6. Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia